Quick and Easy Winning Combination

Whether you are shipping a single pallet across town or shipping a 65-ton crane across the country qfreightrate.com can provide you a quick, easy, affordable quote and transportation solution!
qfreightrate.com offers you the opportunity to work with knowledgeable, enthusiastic transportation professionals who will assist you every step of the way. 

The vision at qfreightrate.com is to provide you the client the following:

  • Real Time Market Pricing 

  • Real-time Shipment Tracking

  • Transportation Solutions for Emerging Markets

  • Complete and  Total One Source Transportation Solution

 Fresh Approach 

​The difference between qfreightrate.com and the other on-line freight quoting services is that we are an experienced, real, live, flesh and blood, nationwide, capacity-based trucking company giving guaranteed quotes.

qfreightrate.com is more than just a guy with a computer.  We here at qfreightrate.com are an actual trucking transportation company with dedicated truck capacity.

The driving engine behind qfreightrate.com is our exclusive Landstar Ligon Special Project Office which delivers you guaranteed capacity based equipment with a one source billing solution for all your freight shipments.

qfreightrate.com holds to the mission of providing you the client an easy web based quote system for all types of freight shipments. 

Partnering with qfreightrate.com allows our clients to concentrate their important business resources on their core business. The time consuming and sometimes tiring shipping details thus can be left to the loyal and faithful transportation experts at qfreightrate.com.

Call us anytime if you have any questions or suggestion that will help you with your shipping needs @ 800-871-6144 or email our management team at qfreightrate.com to see how we can make you and your company a shipping success story! 

  qfreightrate.com - a whole new fresh approach!

Quoting Professionals

Practical vs. Theory - there are many websites that offer differing levels of freight quoting but only qfreightrate.com offers you guaranteed experienced shipping professionals not "textbook rookies" working out of a routing guide! qfreightrate.com is the SCS leader!

Always On-Call

qfreightrate.com is on call 24 hours a day.  Our staff includes people who specialize in all modes of transportation and come from both US Military and Private Sector business backgrounds.

Our goal is simple to provide quick complete transportation solutions to make your life easier!  

Client Satisfaction

Providing real solutions for clients makes qfreightrate.com an industry asset for your company. The manner in which we focus on our clients basic business needs allows our clients to increase their productivity and profits while creating an extremely efficient supply chain!